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Don't ever lose your sense of wonder...

Indulge yourself in an environment where honest initiatives, playful surprises and innovative art installations appear. Enchanting visuals supported by captivating Techno, Deep-/Techhouse, Disco and Funk rythms that guarantee to ignite your senses and provide your soundtrack to the end of summer.


Lief Festival 2018

The return of Lief Festival caresses its pure shape and transforms Strijkviertel again. 

Save the date: Saturday September 7th 2019
Opening hours: 12:00 - 23:00 
Our spot: Strijkviertel, Utrecht

Tickets are available from November 30th via this page!


The spot

Once September starts to roll, Lief festival will appear along the water line of recreational area 'Strijkviertel', at the city of Utrecht.

Gates open at 12:00 (12pm) though you unfortunately have to leave at 23:00 (11pm), unless you would like to help us clean up...


Your profile

You are fun, relaxed and enjoying life to the fullest! 18 years or above and loving music, being outdoors and like to taste delicious drinks and bites. 

It is possible that we ask you for a valid photographic ID when entering the festival, but only because you look a bit younger than you truly are. Ah, let's look at it as a compliment!

Acceptable forms of ID: Passport, Identification card (including proof of age cards with the PASS hologram) and Drivers licenses.


Your belongings

Your belongings are in good hands with our lockers, though, do remember not to show naugthy little visitors your code when entering it.

How much does it cost you to save everything like this?
For one locker you'll pay 7 euros. You could order it together with your ticket on this website (step 2), so we are able to give you your code one day in advance. This way, you'll have some time to remember it or write it on your hand... 


Your tickets

Ticketsale for Lief Festival 2019 will start at November 30th. 

Don't: continue your search and buy your ticket with anyone else than us: Your Ticket Provider or Festicket. If you do, we cannot guarantee that your ticket will be a real, working one...


Lief's Food expedition

Pure, surprising, also partly vegetarian, and prepared whilst using lots of love: a parade of extraordinary pop-up kitchens will roll to Lief Festival. What they will cook for us, is something we won't tell you yet though...

Have you developed a small allergy for anything in particular (for example: gluten)? Please let us know at least a few weeks in advance, so we can look into the menu together.


Writers & Bloggers and vloggers

Spread the word! Cause we kind of, secretly, do enjoy it when you do...

Would you love to use your media channel to tell your followers something about Lief's Festival, the food, the art installations, the visitors, the performance art or the music? Or did you just think of a really fun idea? Please click here and use the form to let us know something about you, your channel and what you are up to.

We will definitely drop you a little message!



Are you and your friends planning a roadtrip towards Lief festival by car? Type 'Strijkviertel 74, De Meern (Utrecht)' into your navigation system. After leaving highway A2 or A12 at the correct exit, beautiful signs with a large P (of parking) will tell you where your own parking spot is waiting for you. 

Leaving your car with us is a bit more expensive than leaving your bike though. A parking ticket is 10 euros in cash.



For our healthy, natureloving visitors, Lief can be easily accessed by bike. Do remember that you can only get there by using the 'Rijksstraatweg'. 

Good thing this road takes you on a was more exciting tour. Use your mobile to see how you get there!


Public transport / Festival bus

Want to let our own, always happy and whistling bus drivers bring you to the festival ground. Starting at 11.45 until 17.00, they will wait for you at Utrecht Central Station. 

Follow the signs 'Jaarbeurs' to leave the station at the correct exit. When arriving at the stairs towards the big square, walk down and cross it. Look to your left on the big road: the festival buses will be waiting for you on the other side. 

The bus drivers sell the tickets themselves, asking 5 euros in cash each. Keep it in a safe place, because this will also be your ticket to get back to the station at night!

Veelgestelde Vragen

Will Lief still go on?

Lief Festival vindt dit jaar plaats op 5 september... Er heerst veel onduidelijkheid of er na 1 september weer evenementen georganiseerd mogen worden, zo ook bij ons als organisatie. Op 7 mei verscheen in het nieuws dat er in de brief van minister De Jonge aan de Tweede Kamer staat dat er geen massale evenementen plaats mogen vinden tot er een vaccin is voor COVID-19. Tot het moment dat er een officieel besluit wordt genomen door de overheid en het RIVM, start er geen kaartverkoop. Heb je al een kaartje in je bezit? Wees niet bang, jouw kaartje blijft geldig voor volgend jaar mocht Lief op 5 september a.s. niet door kunnen gaan... Houd onze socials goed in de gaten.

I have a question about my tickets: who should I contact?

Please contact Your Ticket Provider or Festicket, depending on where you have bought your tickets.

Your Ticket Provider:  info@yourticketprovider.nl / +31 30 204 02 58
Festicket: helpdesk@festicket.com / +44 (0)20 3397 1847

What will happen to my ticket(s) if Lief is cancelled?

What is the minimum age for visiting Lief festival?

The minimum age of Lief festival is 18. This means you must be 18 or over to enter the festival site. 
You might be asked to provide a valid photographic ID on entry. Make sure you carry this with you.

Acceptable forms of ID: Passport, Identification card (including proof of age cards with the PASS hologram), Driving license.

Does Lief festival provide any transport towards the festival site?

There are festival buses that will bring you directly towards the festival site. To make use of these, make sure you are at Utrecht Central Station between 12.00 and 17.00 o'clock (12-5 pm)

Follow the signs 'Jaarbeurs' to leave the station at the correct exit. When arriving at the stairs towards the big square, walk down and cross it. Look to your left on the big road: the festival buses will be waiting for you on the other side. 

A return ticket for this bus will cost you 5 euros and are to be bought with cash money at the bus driver. Keep it in a safe place, because this will also be your ticket to get back to the station at night!

Can I park my car close to the festival site?

Yes you can. After leaving highway A2 or A12 at the correct exit, signs with a large P (of parking) will direct you towards the festival site.

You can leave your car at the parking spot that will be pointed out to you. A parking ticket will cost you 10 euros in cash.

What are the Payment Methods?

At the festival site you are able to use a debit card (Maestro) and cash. Please note that you will have to bring euros with you: there is no exchange office present (there is one at Utrecht Central Station though). 

Be also aware of the following fact: there are no ATM machines at the festival site, although some facilities will require cash money. For example, buses / parking / lockers if not yet bought online, merchandise / items at the festival markets, and taxi's. 

For purchasing drinks and food you will be able to buy festival tokens at the cash registers (Follow signs: 'Munten' or 'Muntenkassa'), by using cash money or your Maestro debit card.

Are there ATM Machines at the festival site to get cash money?

There are no ATM machines present at the festival site. This means you will not be able to get any cash money, but you will be able to get festival tokens by using your debit card (Maestro). With these tokens you can pay for food and beverages.

We reccommend you to bring some cash with you beforehand. for some facilities will require cash many (f.e. buses, parking, lockers, merchandise and taxis).
Make sure you have arranged your ride home already or safe some cash money, just in case.

Are there lockers?

There will be many lockers on site. You are able to store your warm clothes and other items in it during the festival, and open and close it when needed. Renting a safe box costs you either 7 euros (for a small one) or 9 euros (for a large one). 

Acceptable and Prohibited items, what are they?

What are you allowed to bring?

Acceptable items:

Deodorant sticks, sun screen and similar products are allowed, but only when still in the original, closed packaging.
Inflatables (must be deflated upon entry)
Flags/banners or handmade signs (no corporate/company branded and no hard flag poles)
Non-professional flash/still cameras, handheld video devices, mobile phones, GoPro's & disposable cameras 

Prohibited items:

NOTE: You are not allowed to bring anything with which you can harm another

Drugs (Zero drugs policy is active)
Outside food and beverages (including alcohol and candy)
Aerosols (like your favourite deodorant) and perfume bottles 
Opened bottles containing liquid (f.e. sun screen. This is only allowed  when still in the original, closed packaging)
Glass, plastic bottles, tin cans, cups or coolers 
Fireworks, weapons of any kind - including pocket knives and pepperspray - or other dangerous items. 
Umbrella's, buggy's, chairs, benches tents

What if it rains? Can I bring an umbrella?

Before you will make your friends dodge whilst dancing (auch!), we would like to tell you that you cannot bring an umbrella to the festival. If you would feel any rain drops, you could go fetch a poncho at every bar. This way you at least have your hands free to dance like crazy..

I take medicins/have a food allergy... what to do?

Send us a mail (info@xsense.nl) with an explanation of your situation and a medical statement. You will most likely receive a message back with permission to bring your medicin / some food under certain conditions with you to the festival.

Can I make pictures and videos with my own camera?

Of course you are allowed to go wild in documenting your festival experience by using your own camera, but please leave your professional equipment at home (f.e. a reflex camera): these are not allowed to be used at the festival site. No worries... we will make sure our professional photographers will shoot some beautiful pictures of the event.

Digital photo/video cameras, mobile phones, disposable cameras and GoPro's can be brought inside!

I am a journalist/ photographer/ blogger: are there press cards available?

Would you like to visit the festival for professional reasons? Send us an e-mail by using the contactform 'press' on this site (contact). Fill in all fields and make sure you explain your plans regarding to the outcome clearly. You will receive a reply as soon as possible.

Can I leave and re-enter the festival?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to leave the festival site, only to return later that day. Don't worry: all necessary facilities will be provided at the festival.

I have a little baby and still breastfeed... is there a hidden spot where i can release a bit?

Yes there is: at the First Aid there is a place you will be able to pump breastmilk in all privacy. We do have to say...  we have no cooling to save it in.

What are the House Regulations I need to keep myself to?

Did you purchase a ticket for this festival? By doing that, you have simultaneously agreed to follow a couple of rules and general conditions that apply before and during the festival. These help us to assure safety and an amazingly fun experience to all visitors and involved parties. Please read the rules of Lief festival below:

House rules Lief festival

  1. Make sure you possess a valid ticket when you arrive at the festival site! How will you be able to know? Well, whenever you have purchased it at Your Ticket Provider or Festicket, you will be sure. Using any other sales channel will be your own responsibility: chances are that you own an invalid ticket and will not be allowed to enter the festival.
  2. Are you 18 or above? This is the minimum age of Lief festival. When asked, you will have to proof this by using a valid ID (no copies).
  3. Show us what you are bringing with you! At the entrance and at the exit we will check if no one has brought anything what isn't actually allowed to be brought. If someone of our staff asks you to, show whatever is in your bag, jacket and pockets, and give security the chance to search your clothing. In case of the latter, you are allowed to ask for a male or female security guard.
  4. Did you drink alcohol beforehand? When you arrive and you appear to be drunk and disorderly, we will not let you in. It won't be possible to ask for a refund.
  5. Do not bring any kind of weapon. Everything we find, including items that look like weapons or can be used like one, will be taken from you. If this item is mentioned in the Dutch Weapons and Ammunition Act, we will be obliged to hand you over to the police.
  6. Pay attention on what to wear! Of course we encourage to be your self, but discourage to intimidate or insult others by your outfit. Therefor it is prohibited to wear polarizing and intimidating cloths like soccer shirts and motorclub uniforms.  
  7. Leave any kind of narcotics, drugs and hallucinating assets at home. A Zero-Tolerance policy applies once inside the festival, wich means you are not allowed to use, deal or adapt it. The police will be involved when your actions are in conflict with the Dutch law.
  8. Outside food and beverage are not allowed in, unless this has been explicitly arranged with the organisation beforehand. We will make sure there are enough food and drinks available to get through the day.
  9. Be kind to our staff! They are doing their utmost to make sure you are having a good time and safety is guaranteed. Do not offend them (or other visitors for that matter) and always follow their instructions.
  10. You are not allowed to swim in the water at or next to the festival site. We mention this, for we need to make sure you will not overcool. 
  11. Are you or have you been involved with violent or threatening situations? In that case we are not allowed to either let you in or let you stay inside. If this is the reason you are required to leave the festival site, police will be warned. It won't be possible to ask for a refund.
  12. Visiting the festival will be your own responsibility. If you are injured or suffer material/immaterial damage, the organisation, staff and owners of the ground can not be held responsible.
  13. Let us know when something goes wrong! We are able to make sure the police, first aid / ambulance or fire department are quickly on site and we even have certain tools and devices of aid available ourselves. In case of calamities, we will always warn the police.
  14. Is there an emergency? Please follow all orders of staff and authorities.

Check out the terms and conditions of XSENSE B.V.: Click here.