I have a question regarding my tickets

The use of medication is allowed when the medication is based on medical grounds and is still sealed. In any case the user needs to have a signed statement by an MD to show the organization. In addition to the written statement, identification with an ID or a passport is also required.

You can use your LIEF voucher in our ticketshop. If the amount on your voucher is insufficient for your order, you can pay the remaining amount.
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For all questions regarding tickets, you can send an e-mail to info@yourticketprovider.nl, stating the reference number which can be found on your bank statement and in the confirmation e-mail.

Unfortunately this is not possible in any case. Your ticket barcode can be scanned only once: thus, after leaving the event area, your right of access to the event site expires.
Stamps or other methods will not be used to identify previous accessed visitors.

The first 1000 LIEF LOYALTY tickets can be purchased from September 8, 12:00 by clicking here!

LIEF Festival is only accessible for people above 18. Please make sure you bring a valid ID with you. 

You can reserve a locker by clicking this link